1.Solo exhibition, Gallery Leena Kuuumola, Helsinki, 2001, Installation view, painting in the front: wax crayons on mdf-board, wood, 220 x 240 cm, Behind wall: drawings, mixed media on paper

2. "Projection", installation view, "Entropy in the Living room", Stadtgalerie Kiel, Germany, pencil on paper, 2001
Katalogue text

3."Solidification", installation, Lissabon, 2002, Oilpainting on the panels, pencil drawings on the table. Drawings were based on the sculptures of Henry Moore

4. "Closed", installation, Mänttä art weeks, 1999, wax crayons on the wall, paintings on paper, photos

5.Solo Exhibition, "Solidifications", gallery ProjecteSD, Barcelona, Spain, 2003, The drawing and painting installation  ”Objects” was based on the works of European modern sculptors, example artsists like Henry Moore, Jean arp and others.

6.Paintings installation "Closed", 1999
wax crayons on paper, photographs, dimensions variable

7. "Imprints", pencil drawings on paper, 2002